What are Keywords in SEO? Importance of Keywords


In general, when we say about keywords in the context of Digital Marketing, we ar talking about SEO Keywords. Keywords ar the foremost basic and important part of search engine optimization keywords. Users use keywords on search engines after they ar searching for something on the web. That is why it is really important to make your website SEO optimized for important keywords for your business. SEO helps your website’s pages to be ranked higher with search engines and makes it easier for people to find your website.

Keywords are the core of the SEO.
There are many tools and programs such as Google Trends, Google Ads keywords planner that can help you find the most effective keywords for your website. Reevaluating your keywords list periodically is usually a wise factor to do because the worth keywords ar constantly changing. One 
of the important goals of SEO keywords is to bring the correct users to your web site. to attain this goal, you may need additional specific keywords or phrases.

To further understand, let me further elaborate with an example.

What are Keywords in SEO? Importance of Keywords
Let’s search Top Hotel in NYC. This is our main keyword/keywords.

What you’ll get as the results? Look at the given image below.
What are Keywords in SEO? Importance of Keywords

Therefore, keyword and keywords are important. When these are added to the website or web page’s title (given in blue), and description (given in gray), they help in ranking our website.

The Google crawls them, and if they are SEO-friendly, they get ranked easily on the first search paged of the search engine.

Also, these can be added on the website or web pages with the help of coding, as given below.
What are Keywords in SEO? Importance of Keywords

If you observe them, the keywords ar given clearly in a smart sentences within the title and description, and also, vital and highly searched keywords ar added to the keywords.

This is why keywords are important in the SEO and Digital Marketing.


Placing keywords in a very correct manner that optimizes ranking on your pages is that the key to up your page rank on search engines. Always keep in mind, the foremost important factor when you optimize the web site page is keywords connection, not keywords density. Low keywords connection may cause a better bounce rate and hurt the web site ranking.

Here are some tips for placing keywords
  • Placing keywords in the title of the page. Ex: What is Total Link? Digital Marketing Terms
  • Placing keywords within the meta tags: Bounce Rate is a percentage that shows what no.of visitors click on one web site page and shut it without  click any other elements.
  • Placing keywords in the URL. EX: https://digitalshiftmedia.com/marketing-terms/total-links-linking-root-domains/
  • Placing keywords within the image file paths: Digital marketing Terms_Bounce Rate

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